Predictive maintenance

Preventing Excavation Damages


Excavation damage are a major concern for utility companies since it lead to:

Restoring these damages is time-consuming and leads to high costs for society. Therefore, it is desired to accurately prevent those damages in advance.

I worked on:

The end result is an automatically scheduled pipeline, on a daily basis that generate predictions for the outdoor prevention team.


Project lead and stakeholder management.


Python, Pandas, scikit-learn, XGBoost, Oracle Geometries, AWS ECS, Docker, Gitlab CI/CD, Airflow.

Project portfolio

Selected Works

Load forecasting

Congestion Management

Forecasting electricity load of congestion points in the electricity grid by combining data from sensors and weather forecasts.

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Predictive maintenance

Preventing Excavation Damages

Predicting costly excavation damages and delivering the results automatically to an operational prevention team.

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Big Data solutions

Cloud computing

Developing a big data solution including a dashboard for analyzing high volumes of noisy sensory data.

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Talks and publications

Recently, I have been invited to speak about Data Science developments. I also published scientific papers about my work.

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