About me

Technology, Consultancy & Analytics

I have 7+ years relevant work experience of which 3 years in leading a Data Science Development and Operations team. From this I know how hard it can be to translate your business data into valuable insights. It is my passion to help companies and organisations in becoming more data driven and capitalize on their data: The value is not the data itself, but lies in their use.

I am proficient in data preprocessing, visualization, predictive modeling and getting these into your ICT infrastructure.

Do you want to reach the next level in your data maturity? Please reach out to me by e-mail or LinkedIn.

Way of Working


Maximum Value

I believe in intensive collaboration with management and domain experts to optimally connect to end-users .


I get more value from in- an external data by developing adaptive and predictive models based on Machine Learning techniques.


I design powerfull and user-friendly BI solutions for direct feedback from the analyses and models for the end-users.


I feel most comfortable in a Development and Operations setting. Not just working on Machine Learning models, but also bringing them to production to facilitate data-driven decisions.


As certified scrum master and product owner, I am proficient in frameworks such as Agile Scrum and CRISP-DM. Therefore, I am capable of delivering products of the highest value in short iterations.

Project lead

I share my knowledge and mentor others in becoming a professional data scientist and engineer. I also organize interactive Data Science workshops, remotely or on premise.

Project portfolio

Selected Works

Load forecasting

Congestion Management

Forecasting electricity load of congestion points in the electricity grid by combining data from sensors and weather forecasts.

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Predictive maintenance

Preventing Excavation Damages

Predicting costly excavation damages and delivering the results automatically to an operational prevention team.

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Big Data solutions

Cloud computing

Developing a big data solution including a dashboard for analyzing high volumes of noisy sensory data.

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Talks and publications

Recently, I have been invited to speak about Data Science developments. I also published scientific papers about my work.

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Thomas Castelijns
Breda, Netherlands
KvK: 82015724